Tax Management

Tax Management

Tax Management

You can’t escape death and taxes, but we can help make it easier for you and your loved ones. Taxes affect all aspects of your financial life and are likely your largest ongoing expense.

Tax Planning

Taxes are the single biggest expense over your lifetime. We treat tax planning as a crucial part of your financial plan because tax affects all aspects of your financial life. Tax planning is an opportunity to get expert advice on strategies to maximize deductions and credits that minimize your taxes. In Canada’s constantly changing tax environment, it’s important to partner with experienced tax professionals. Our CPAs work directly with your accountant to review recent personal or business tax returns, and identify potential savings. Benefits you gain from our tax planning service include:

1: Optimize Earnings

Evaluating your business structure to optimize earnings

2:Understanding Consequences

Understanding the tax consequences related to your individual income and investments

3:Maximizing Savings

Maximizing your retirement plan savings under current tax law

4:Maximizing  Gains

Maximizing your lifetime capital gains exemption
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