Rapport Service Plan

Rapport Service Plan

Rapport Level 01

Rapport 01 is a monthly check up on all your equipment by one of our friendly, professional and knowledgeable service reps. After the check is completed you will receive a report detailing key checks and the condition of your equipment. Many smaller problems will be corrected like split tubings and handpiece pressure issues, undetected these can lead to downtime and expensive emergency calls. Consider this as an investment in the equipment you depend on every day.

Rapport Level 02

Rapport 02 is similar to 01 but the frequency is once a quarter instead of once a month. Again, you will receive a detailed report and have the assurance that your equipment is being kept in good working order.

Rapport Level 03

Rapport 03 is a further plan scaled down for specific equipment. Many of our clients have chosen this plan to look after their air compressor and vacuum systems or their sterilization equipment. These equipment items are often the ones that are hidden away but very important to your practice – our team refers to them as your practices’ heart and lungs!

On-demand calls

Many clients still choose to call when they have a list of repairs or when they need an urgent repair; we call this “On-Demand service”. Try us today; you will find prompt, professional and proactive service.