3. Interior Design

3. Interior Design

First impressions can make or break your dental practice.

Your patients' immediate reaction to your office will set the tone for their overall experience. A welcoming environment will help ensure they are calm, relaxed, receptive to treatment – and will happily return for a lifetime of dental care.

With the insight that comes from operating two thriving dental practices for 30 years, Dr. David Ahearn has developed this art form into a true science. Through strategic use of form, tone, texture and lighting, our team will create a beautiful, comfortable space that reflects your personal taste and brand.

Help ensure the long term success of your practice by providing an environment both you and your patients love.

  • Forever Smiles | Dr. Shawn Knorr. See full project at www.desergo.com
  • Westgate Dental Care | Dr. Peter Kics. See full project at www.desergo.com
  • Deliz Dental Studio | Dr. Will Deliz. See full project at www.desergo.com