Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Protecting your assets, income and lifestyle requires the appropriate insurance solutions for areas like life, disability and critical illness. We provide an independent review of existing personal, and corporate, along with employer-provided insurance coverage to offer proper recommendations. We always look for cost-effective solutions that protect those you love.

Risk Management

It’s important to start planning by focusing on what you would like to see happen. Successful planning also means preventing risks that could derail you. A proper financial plan will identify the risks that could prevent you from achieving your goals and provide solutions to help mitigate those risks. Some of the insurance coverage we’ll help you navigate through are:

Life Insurance

Debt elimination and final expenses are important uses for life insurance but you should also consider the cost of lost income. For most people, their future income is their largest financial asset ranging in millions of dollars in value

Critical Illness

More and more people are surviving critical illnesses and injuries. Unfortunately, the cost of getting back to full health or adapting to your new lifestyle, can be catastrophic to your original financial plans. Critical Illness coverage can keep you on track and give you the opportunity to afford the best care available.  

Disability Insurance

Protects your income in the event that you are not able to perform your work

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance can help to ensure that you are maximizing your lifestyle long into your later years. It offers you the opportunity of choice on where you would like to live and the level of care you would prefer to receive.  
Providing expert wealth management solutions for dentists across Canada, with specialized services Across Manitoba, Winnipeg, and Vancouver

Learn More About How To Protect Yourself and the Ones You Love 

  • <h2>Estate Planning</h2> Estate planning is about your wishes for your loved ones and those you care about most. Ensuring your wealth goes where you intend it to is part of a holistic financial plan. Whether it’s your family or a favoured organization, charity or not-for-profit, Endeavour is here to help you fulfill your wishes. We strive to give you peace of mind by helping you build a highly personalized estate plan. To maximize your potential wealth transfer, we focus on minimizing taxes and other potential costs. With the guidance of experienced professionals, we work to assess the following: <ul role="list"> <li>Do your current estate documents reflect your wishes? How can we ensure your wishes continue as your life changes?</li> <li>How can we best protect your assets from creditors?</li> <li>How do you wish to transfer your assets? Is it important they remain in your family?</li> <li>Do you require assistance in putting together a medical directive and/or power of attorney?</li> <li>Do you wish to leave a financial donation to a charity, and what can we do today to maximize your future donation?</li> <li>Are your loved ones prepared for the administrative burden of serving as an executor or does it make sense to use a professional trustee?</li> </ul> <h5>Providing expert wealth management solutions for dentists across Canada, with specialized services Across Manitoba, Winnipeg, and Vancouver</h5> <h4><a href="*h192e9*_ga*MTg4MjI0NDY2Ni4xNzE1MDA1MTY2*_ga_B3Q1GZNQ9B*MTcxNTA5MjM5OS42LjEuMTcxNTA5NDA2MS42MC4wLjA.">Learn More about our Estate & Trust Planning Services</a></h4>