4. Dental Reboot Practice Productivity Solutions

4. Dental Reboot Practice Productivity Solutions

Reboot Training and Practice Productivity Solutions is a suite of on-site, roll-your-sleeves-up training sessions that will help take your practice to the next level of efficiency, productivity and profitability. Many of our design clients work through these sessions in their existing locations, so that they're ready to hit the ground running when they open their new practice.

But even if your next location is years away - a Dental Reboot will make your practice run more smoothly.


This 2-day session focuses on the core systems surrounding Sterilization and Resupply (the "beating heart" of your practice). Our Clinical Specialist will examine your current systems, flow and procedures and come up with a plan to optimize them. We'll not only teach you better systems and processes - we'll jump in and help you set them up! As our clients say ... "When Monday comes, YOU'RE READY!"


Refine training (1-day, on-site) typically takes place 6 months to a year after a Reboot session. Your Clinical Specialist will assess the effectiveness of the systems deployed during Reboot and develop an action plan to make any needed modifications to improve performance. They leverage the momentum your team has built, help you break through any bottle-necks that have arisen, and further accelerate productivity.


Reinvigorate training focuses on your most important resource: your Team. In this 1-day session, your Clinical Specialist will outline growth paths for each position in your practice and provide tools to help keep your team rising on track. While Refine trainings require a Reboot session first, Reinvigorate training can happen any time.

For information on each of these offerings, please download the document below or see our website at Dental-Reboot.com

Dental Reboot - Sessions

This short PDF outlines the specific areas covered by our three Training offerings.