1. Dental Office Site Selection

1. Dental Office Site Selection

A surprising number of variables can impact a location's potential. Some, like exposure to traffic, are obvious. Others, such as near-by business synergies, may not be. We have reviewed 1,000's of sites and have developed extensive criteria and assessment tools that remove the guess-work from what may be the single most important decision regarding your new practice.

We offer a wide range of Selection Services tailored to your needs. If you already have possible locations in mind, we can analyze their strengths and weaknesses – and guide you to an informed decision.

Or perhaps you are just starting your search and don't know where to begin. We can investigate your target area and provide an array of sites that will:

  • Maximize exposure to your preferred demographic
  • Avoid many of the municipal or infrastructure surprises that cause delays & cost-overruns
  • Ensure that lighting, landscaping and access factors work for you, not against you
  • Optimize use of existing structures -OR- Guarantee suitability for a ground-up build

If you are ready to start planning the next stage of your career - let us help with the leg-work, so you can focus on your dentistry!