The VPro™ is the only FDA-cleared high frequency vibration product proven to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement and increase predictability in just 5 minutes a day. Equip your patients with a simple and easy-to-use tool for a referral worthy orthodontic experience.

  • Accelerated Tooth Movement [2,5,6]
  • Reduced Treatment Time by up to 64% [2,4,6]
  • Reduced Orthodontic Discomfort [2,3]
  • Increased Predictability [2,4]
  • Clinically Proven to Improve Bone at Retention Stage [7]
  • Recapture Retention Relapse and Non-Compliance [3]
  • Improved Aligner Seating [1]



Featuring the new VPro Fastrack app. Designed to keep treatment on track, the VPro Fastrack app is a free mobile app for patients. It records VPro use, aligner wear, and takes progress photos. Patients have the option to quickly and easily share the results and photos via email.

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Tracking Data

VPro is clinically proven to increase treatment predictability. View the results of our aligner tracking study here.

Tracking vs Not Tracking

VPro is clinically proven to increase aligner tracking. View our easy to use patient tool here.