VoiceWorks - Headset & Software by Oral Science

VoiceWorks - Headset & Software by Oral Science

Probe, Chart, Educate, Motivate!


3-Month Money Back Guarantee Period & Unconditional Equipment Warranty!

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1 VoiceWorks Headset Includes

• 1: 1x VoiceWorks wireless headset 

• 2: 1x Charging base stand

• 3: 1x Software key for keyboard entry of data to FP software

• 4: 1x DC power adapter


• 5: 1x Micro USB connection cable

What is VoiceWorks?


VoiceWorks, from Florida Probe, combines a lightweight wireless headset and voice-activated periodontal charting software.

VoiceWorks allows dental hygienists to verbally transcribe pocket depths, recession, bleeding, mobility and large restorations (i.e. bridges, crowns). This allows dental professionals to focus on patient education while also keeping them actively engaged throughout their treatment. 

Simply plug the VoiceWorks USB Key into your computer and create your own personalized voice with a Florida Probe specialist. The most effective voice - controlled perio charting ever created is now ready to use!

Why use VoiceWorks?

Why should you consider using VoiceWorks in your practice? This quick 60 second video will show you why!

VoiceWorks product demonstration

A demonstration of VoiceWorks being used for a perio charting in clinic.

VoiceWorks Testimonial Dr. Kwon & Dr. Jabbour's Office California

Testimonial from Maria and Ashley on VoiceWorks.

Testimonial Benson Dental Group

Crystal and Nathalie share why they love using VoiceWorks.

VoiceWorks Product Unboxing

A detailed video showcasing what is included in the VoiceWorks product box.

Presenting VoiceWorks

Krista Hoover, RDH, describes the voice activated headset and software VoiceWorks.

VoiceWorks Oral Science Brochure

Learn more about VoiceWorks and how to include it in your practice with this brochure.