Bisco Canada / Smile Line: Unique Devices for Dentistry

Bisco Canada / Smile Line: Unique Devices for Dentistry

Devices designed to help simplify procedures and make everyday dentistry better. Products that are designed with superior quality, unique style, and an exclusive feel - this is Smile Line.

Bisco Canada is the exclusive distributor of Smile Line products, in Canada.

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Smile Line Products: Veneer Me, SmileLite MDP + Flexipalette

How to use VeneerMe, Smile Lite MDP for intra- and extra-oral photography and Flexipalette (contrast palettes) for intra-oral photos.

  • SmileLite MDP - Dental Photography with a Smartphone
  • VeneerMe - For Protection of your hyper-delicate veneers during etching, silanating and bonding.
  • K-Lite by Dr. Katherine Losada - for visualization of adhesive and composite materials, caries, calculus, crack lines and fractures.
  • Composite Brushes for aesthetic composite cases.
  • Flexipalettes: Contract palettes used for intra-oral photography. For use with SmileLite MDP or any DSLR camera.

Smile Lite MDP - Article, "Capturing Picture Perfect Dental Photos"

Smile Lite MDP - Lighting Tips #1

Smile Lite MDP - Lighting Tips #2

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