Industry Leading, multi-level Aerosol and Particle control.

The Safe-T-Shield provides advanced Aerosol Control by creating a broad negative pressure zone BETWEEN you and your patient. The clear Shield uses laminar flow to control both clinically created aerosols and patient exhalations - while providing an absolute barrier to ejected bio-burden particles.

Though our focus at the conference is Dental Office Design, we feel obligated to tell you about this advancement in aerosol control technology. Many of the solutions on the market provide inadequate protection, or restrict access to the oral cavity. Dr. Ahearn designed the Safe-T-Shield for use in his own offices to offer better protection for his team and patients. It's now available for your teams as well.

Take a look at the video, or visit Ergonomic Products for more information.

Safe-T-Shield Lumina - Installed extra-oral Aerosol Control

We offer the patented Safe-T-Shield in a variety of forms, from a self-contained Mobile Unit, to this installed solution with integrated lighting. The Track-mounted Safe-T-Shield protects against bio-burden ejection while removing patient exhalation and clinical aerosols. These are ducted to HEPA 14 filtration systems in your HVAC installation to provide the highest level of infection control. Overhead mounting allows unrestricted access to the oral cavity - and was a natural enhancement to our general and intra-oral lighting solutions. The result is an exceptional safety device that provides the best possible experience for patient and clinician alike.