Bisco Canada / RTD Dental - Endodontic Fiber Posts

Bisco Canada / RTD Dental - Endodontic Fiber Posts

RTD is a world leader in fiber post technology. All RTD posts are made with the same proprietary "pulltrusion" method, and then milled to demanding dimensional specification with robotic accuracy. The Illusion® (RTD patent) technology refers to the intrinsic colour-coding of the RTD fiber posts. The instrinsic colour disappears at body temperature but can be reconstituted in seconds if needed for removal. X-RO® is a patented fiber developed exclusively for RTD posts, which increased the strength of our posts' by 20% and radiopacity by 50%.

The D.T. Light Post® is an advanced fiber post that adapts to the contours of the prepared canal rather than forcing the dentist to adapt the canal to fit the post. Each post has two separate apical tapers, based on scientific, anatomical measurements, and a parallel coronal section. In addition, the surface of the post is intentionally roughened to a highly micro-mechanical surface for excellent bonding and long-term.

The D.T. Light Post® Illusion® X-RO® is designed to fit virtually any clinical situation. The intrinsic post colours match the drill markings and help the clinicians distinguish one size from another. With this Illusion Technology, the color disappears within seconds at body temperature, but the color can be reconstituted, if necessary for re-treatment.

Bisco Canada is the exclusive distributor of DOUBLE TAPER LIGHT-POST®, DOUBLE TAPER LIGHT-POST® ILLUSION® X-RO®, in Canada.

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