Bisco Canada / DiaShine: Lucida Polishing System for Composites & Ceramics

Bisco Canada / DiaShine: Lucida Polishing System for Composites & Ceramics

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FINISH. Whether you’re working with ceramics, resins, nano and hybrid materials or polishing chairside, the ideal diamond paste and tools are right here for you. Touted by professionals across the globe, DiaShine’s proprietary formula ensures less waste and superior results in minimal time. This is achieved through combining a unique carrier (binder) with specific sized & shaped diamond particles. The resulting high-lustre finish speaks for itself.


LucidaComposite Gloss System A simple and elegant chairside polishing system for composites, that provides a natural, high lustre, “enamel-like” finish. Powered by Style Italiano™ and DiaShine, Lucida is your complete solution for the chairside polishing of composites, provisionals, porcelain veneers & denture-based acrylics. The Lucida system combines DiaShine’s proprietary, water soluble, chairside polishing compound and Lucida Felt Stars to give you a system that is both versatile and effective. 


Bisco Canada is the exclusive distributor of Lucida, in Canada. To learn more about Lucida, click here: Bisco Canada/DiaShine


  • Lucida Polishing System Kit
  • Lucida Felt Star with autoclavable mandrel.
  • Lucida polishing paste.
  • Composite restoration before polish.
  • Add Lucida paste. Polish with star-shaped Felt.
  • Final Polish. Natural "enamel-like" finish.

Lucida - Oral Health Publication

Sales Flyer (Valid: April 1 - June, 30 2021)