Bisco Canada / LM Dental: Quality Hand Instruments for Dentists & Dental Hygienists

Bisco Canada / LM Dental: Quality Hand Instruments for Dentists & Dental Hygienists

LM-Dental has been setting the standard for ergonomics, comfort, and functionality since 1972. Manufactured in the industry’s most advanced state-of-the-art facilities in Finland, using unique, high quality materials, all LM Instruments are ergonomically designed, and have a lightweight silicone handle that delivers a non-slip grip and exceptional tactile feedback.


Dental Hygiene Instruments:

Whether you choose LM’s game-changing totally sharpen-free tips or advanced supersteel tips, you will feel the difference in your grip - both while working, and at the end of your day.


LM SharpDiamond

NEVER SHARPEN AGAIN. EVER. The dark tips of SharpDiamond instruments look different because they are different. A diamond-like micromembrane enhances the already superior wear-resistance of a unique alloy base to produce completely 100% sharpen-free scalers and curettes. In the final phase of precision-honing, LM’s ultra-modern PVD coating process follows the exact geometric planes of the instrument to ensure flawlessly sharp tips and the longest-wearing edges unmatched by anything else in the field.

LM DuraGradeMax SuperSteel

STAINLESS STEEL THAT STAYS SHAR LONGER. Resulting from intense material research, advanced thermomechanical heat treatments, controlled gas atmosphere and cryogenic processing, LM’s DuraGradeMax supersteel alloy represents the ultimate in the field of metallurgy. LM’s proprietary alloy produces the sharpest, hardest, and longest-wearing conventional tips on the market. As a result, LM’s stainless steel instruments stay sharp longer than other conventional stainless steel instruments.

LM ErgoMix - Dental Implant Maintenance

The LM-ErgoMix instrument series offers clinicians the best solution to avoiding abutment damage while gently, but effectively removing bacterial biofilm and calculus deposits on implant surfaces. Slim, curved tips access tight and challenging areas. The uncompromising tactile sensitivity of these instruments is comparable to that of stainless steel instruments. With the ErgoMix, tip replacement is easy, convenient and secure. To replace tips, simply unlock the lock grip, insert new tip and close lock grip. Due to the sealed construction provided by the unique lock grip, ErgoMix instruments can be cleaned and sterilized like any other instrument.

Composite, Restorative & Extraction Instruments:

LM-Arte instruments have been developed in co-operation with Style Italiano, a study group of passionate clinicians and researchers specialized in esthetic restorative dentistry.

LM-DarkDiamond instruments have a proprietary non-stick coating. Composite pull-back is a common frustration with many clinicians. Place and sculpt composite resins with ease and unparalleled precision. The dark colored diamond-like coating provides maximum contrast against fillings, minimizes reflections, and its smooth, hard, non-stick surface makes for easy cleanup.

LM's trauma-minimizing Extraction Instruments are a must-have to shorten soft-tissue healing times and optimize future implant placements. With the same smart design, superior ergonomics and enhanced tactile sensitivity that LM users are accustomed to, LM’s extraction tools provide precision control while minimizing trauma during extraction. With options ranging from straight, curved, slim, and sturdy torque blade designs, LM’s extraction tools offer the most atraumatic and precise solutions for every situation.

Bisco Canada is the exclusive distributor of LM instruments, in Canada.

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About LM Dental

About LM Dental. Quality and Manufacturing of LM Instruments.

How to use the LM DualGracey™ (a.k.a Syntette)

Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH demonstrates how to use the LM DualGracey instrument. The DualGracey is unique as it combines two cutting edges into one practical tip. The Posterior DualGracey combines the Gracey 11/12 & Gracey 13/14. The Anterior DualGracey combines the Gracey 1/2 & 7/8 into one tip. This eliminates the need to have to flip or change instruments when moving from medial to distal surfaces. Both Posterior and Anterior are available in Mini.

LM Arte™ SOLO Composite Sculpting Instruments

LM Solo Anterior & LM Solo Posterior developed by LM Dental and Style Italiano. Two simplified composite instruments for your daily anterior and posterior restorations.

  • Feel the difference with LM Dental: All LM instruments are designed with an erogomic handle that is made from a medical-grade silicone, a lightweight metal core that runs from tip-to-tip for precise tactile feedback.
  • LM Flexplorer: A "must-have" for all dental hygienists. The Flexplorer is angulated similarly to Gracey 11/12 and is well-suited for periodontal diagnosing of subgingival calculus and probing deep pockets and furcations.
  • The Dual-Gracey or "Syntette": The Dual-Gracey from LM is essentially a sythesis of two curettes - the Gracey 11/12 for mesial surfaces and Gracey 13/14 for distal surfaces. An all round instrument, for all surfaces in the total dentition, which can be easily shifted from tooth to tooth without changing the instrument. The Syntette is also available in the Anterior which combines the Gracey 1/2 & 7/8 and is available in standard or mini.
  • LM DarkDiamond: Non-stick composite instruments with the same LM ergonomic handle design and a proprietary non-stick coating that will not scratch-off and is 75% less sticky than other coatings.
  • LM DuraGradeMax Stainless Steel
  • LM SharpDiamond: 100% Sharpen-Free dental hygiene instruments.
  • LM Servo Kits & Cassettes
  • LM Extraction and Endodontic Instruments
  • LM Arte Composite Instruments: Developed in collaboration with Style Italiano. NEW! LM Arte Solo Anterior & LM Arte Solo Posterior

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LM DualGracey™ (Syntette) Dental Hygiene Instruments

LM SharpDiamond™ Hygiene Instruments - 100% Sharpen-Free

LM Arte™ Composite Sculpting Instruments

LM DarkDiamond™ Composite Instruments

LM ServoE™ Instrument Cassettes

LM ErgoMix™ Titanium Dental Implant Maintenance Instruments