iTero Element® Plus Series

iTero Element® Plus Series

The iTero Element® 5D Plus imaging system in cart configuration offers all of the iTero® scanner digital capabilities in the power of one scan—with a plus.

A powerhouse of capabilities:*

  • Integrated 3D intraoral1 camera— get more out of one scan
  • 20% less waiting time for scan to process2
  • Detailed visualization
  • Improved viewing angles —engineered for more treatment plan acceptance
  • Future ready unit for simplified upgrade path — to support you and your ever-expanding quality of care

State of-the-art experience

  • Our smoothest scanning experience so you can scan every patient at every appointment
  • Ergonomically designed to conform to you and how you work
  • 20+ years of engineering expertise poured into a triumph of design—built to offer patients an exceptional experience

Designed to deliver on your needs

  • More freedom of movement with an 18% smaller footprint3
  • Peace of mind with unlimited and secure, cloud-based storage
  • Integrated battery for 30 minutes of scanning (unplugged power unit)

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*Unless otherwise specified, all comparisons are relative to previous generation iTero Element scanners.

1 Available on iTero Element 5D Plus and Lite software configuration.

2 On average, with the iTero Plus series as compared to the iTero Element 2 and iTero Element 5D, and based on

scan processing time comparison of 40 Invisalign scans and 40 restorative scans with 3 prep teeth processed

by the iTero Element 2/iTero Element 5D computing units and the iTero Element Plus series computing unit.


3 With the iTero Plus series cart as compared to the iTero Element 2 and iTero Element 5D cart.

iTero Element® Plus Series

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