Excellerator® PT

Excellerator® PT

The latest innovation in the Excellerator Series, the Excellerator PT, is FDA cleared for use in micro-osteoperforation™ (MOPs®). It consists of a power tip, contra-angle and power driver, designed for a more enjoyable doctor and patient experience. Micro-osteoperforation harnesses the body’s own biology by inciting a localized inflammatory response. This doctor-administered technique allows enhanced clinical control and greater efficiency for your orthodontic cases.

  • Up to 62% Faster Tooth Movement [8,9]
  • Accelerated Bone Remodeling [8,9]
  • Targeted Stimulation [9]
  • Increased Predictability [9,10]
  • Root Protective [9]


Micro-Osteoperforation One Sheeter

Understand the benefits of micro-osteoperforation (MOPs) with this convenient info sheet.

MOPs Tip Design

Propel's tips are specficially designed and indicated for micro-osteoperforation (MOPs).