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We believe that our advanced knowledge of dentistry can positively affect the clinical outcomes for clients and their patients, through our leading education, innovative solutions and our focus on clinical excellence. We're a proud distribution partner for Dentistry's leading brands in Canada including: Clinician's Choice, Ultradent, 3M Oral Care, Bioclear, Cosmedent, Triodent, Angelus Dental, Ribbond, ContacEZ, B&L Biotech, AdDent, Acteon, Komet, Bien-Air Dental, Kuraray and Garrison.

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[Product Detail Sheet] Evanesce™ Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative from Clinician's Choice®

Beautiful esthetics for simple or complex cases can be easily achieved with Evanesce™ Nano-Enhanced composite from Clinician‘s Choice®. Truly universal for both anterior and posterior composite restorations, Evanesce features ideal, slump-free handling and beautiful shade matching to the VITA shade guide. Evanesce is highly polishable for the ultimate in restorative esthetics.

[Product Detail Sheet] Mosaic™ Universal Composite from Ultradent™

Mosaic™ universal composite balances beauty and performance for lasting, lifelike restorations. Mosaic composite can be used for all restorative purposes: basic or complex. Its well-balanced nanohybrid formula produces restorations of the highest quality.

[Product Brochure] VALO™ Family of LED Curing Lights from Ultradent™

Many curing lights only have a single LED chip that operates on one wavelength.Many dental materials require multiple wavelengths for a complete cure, which makes proper curing with a single LED chip nearly impossible. Every VALO curing light uses four custom, multiwavelength LED that produce a high-intensity light at 395–480 nm. This broad-spectrum light output means VALO lights are capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials—including those with camphorquinone. In addition, the optimally collimated beam delivers consistent, uniform power over a range of surfaces and working distances. Other curing lights' beams dissipate even at distances as short as 4 mm, which results in significant energy loss to the curing site. The intensity and consistency of the VALO light’s collimated beam, combined with the proprietary LED pack and broad-spectrum output, deliver the energy needed to completely polymerize any resin.

[Product Detail Sheet] BIO-C® Sealer from Angelus®

Bio-C Sealer’s mechanical and physical properties make it easy to manipulate and seal the canals, while its biological properties and high pH ensure safety and treatment success. The bioceramic composition allows the release of calcium ions, which stimulates the formation of mineralized tissue.

[Product Detail Sheet] BIO-C® Repair from Angelus®

Bio-C® Repair is a ready-to-use bioceramic repair cement for endodontic treatment. The Bio-C Repair putty comes in a screw-in syringe that allows removal of the product in small portions with no effort or waste.

[Product Brochure] Polishing Family, including A.S.A.P. Polishers from Clinician's Choice®

Learn about the entire polishing lineup from Clinician's Choice, including best-sellers, A.S.A.P. All Surface Access Polishers, A.S.A.P. Dailies, ASAP Indirect, Groovy, Contours... and more.

[Product Detail Sheet] Enamelast™ Fluoride Varnish from Ultradent™

Enamelast™ is a highly effective fluoride varnish treatment with a smooth texture, pleasant taste, and nearly invisible appearance. Its unique formula is made with a patented adhesion-promoting agent for enhanced retention, providing superior fluoride release and uptake.

[Product Detail Sheet] Opalescence™ Go Take-Home Tooth Whitening from Ultradent™

Opalescence Go™ is a convenient, easy-to-use whitening treatment to go, and is the professional alternative to over-the-counter teeth whitening products. It features a unique UltraFit™ tray that moulds and conforms to any patient’s smile providing a comfortable, custom-like fit and optimal gel/tooth contact. No impressions, models or lab time required. Opalescence Go is an excellent introduction to whitening as well as a perfect follow-up to in-office whitening.

[Product Detail Sheet] Black Triangle™ Matrices Kit from Bioclear™

The Bioclear™ Black Triangle matrix system enables black triangle closure up to 40% faster* than with the original Bioclear matrices. These matrices are custom-designed for black triangle treatment and require no trimming prior to seating. A colour-coded gauge and matrices make choosing the correct curvature for gingival embrasure closure simple and predictable. The Black Triangle matrices are available in two sizes (large incisor and small incisor) and four curvatures allowing you to treat the entire anterior sextant, canine to canine and both upper and lower arches with strong aesthetically pleasing results.

[Product Detail Sheet] Cling2™ Resin Optimized Temporary Cement from Clinician's Choice®

Versatile and easy to use, Cling2® Resin Optimized Temporary Cement is the ideal choice for cementing provisional crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. Cling2’s zinc oxide, non-eugenol formula soothes and protects the prepared tooth. The addition of a small amount of polycarboxylate resin helps to optimize adhesion, soothe the tooth and provide an excellent marginal seal to prevent bacterial build-up and maintain tissue health.

[Product Detail Sheet] Bluewave™ Soft Tissue Diode Laser from Clinician's Choice®

The Bluewave™️ Soft Tissue Diode Laser lets you perform many soft tissue procedures with virtually no bleeding, pain, post-operative swelling or discomfort. This powerful 5W laser is completely portable, allowing for over three hours of use on its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Ideal as a surgical instrument or for non-invasive laser-assisted periodontal and hygiene therapy – the Bluewave is a versatile and intuitive instrument for your every need.