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Blue and Green is a proud Canadian company with over 25 years of experience. We represent leading German and European manufacturers and we sell direct ! We are renowned for our innovative and uniquely designed instruments, which will improve your next procedure from Perio and Oral Surgery, to Orthodontic, Endodontic, Pido , Restorative ,Hygiene, Dental laboratory and more!
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Blue & Green Inc. was established in 1997 by experts in the field of dentistry to provide better quality and grade of instruments and products to the Canadian dental society. Our mission from the beginning has been to provide best quality and customer service. We represent German, Swiss, French and Italian manufacturers in Canada with a century of experience in manufacturing. All instruments have unique design, with high standard of quality control and functionality that meets the satisfaction of our dentists by 100%. We sell direct and you will save time and money by choosing the original and superior quality.  For more information please visit our website at We have MDA/CDA show specials and new office and student discounts. Please check our website for more details! We will be live with zoom and instagram during the show. Please join us and try your chance of winning a prize. Open Hours: 10AM - 7PM Mon-Fri during the CDA/MDA Show!Email us and book your Zoom Meeting!

  • CDA/ MDA Special 5+1 FREE! Scalers also available in stainless steel metal handle. For more information, check our website:
  • A game changer for atraumatic extraction Shop online:
  • Orthodontic Instruments - Blue & Green Inc. Shop Online:
  • Gracey M5 - Currettes set -
  • LIVE Hands On Virtual Demonstrations during the MDA/CDA Show! 10, 12, 2PM, 4PM EST Visit our Instagram to watch us LIVE
  • Implant Scaler Kit Shop online:
  • Benex Extraction -
  • Orthodontic pliers made in Germany, German stainless steel. Highest quality you can expect, also we have nice ortho organizer cassette! You can organize all your ortho pliers and tools! We also offer front surface double side and single side photography mirror . For more information, check our products online:
  • Perioset elevator with Onyx Kit. Will stay sharp for longer and they have specific design for an different areas inside and outside of the teeth. They can give you the best performance, also can be used as multi-use instrument like one side chisel for scrapping the bone, and other side periosteal elevator. For more information please check the website:
  • Rainbow Children's forceps come with different design and handles. Small tips to have better access to small baby teeth and small handle, small enough to be hidden in your hand and avoid scaring the kids! Made in Germany and German stainless steel. We also have them in american pattern shape.For more visit our website:
  • Crown Plier for separating or removing the crown safely, made in Germany. German stainless steel. Please refer to our website for our best sellers and more information:
  • Endodontic Instruments with high-performance. We have endo pliers with diamond tips for removing the broken rotary or file endo box organizer with counter. As well as mini mirror for endo surgery. Please follow the link to access our best selers endo instruments: We also have the best rubber dam forceps and rubber dam punch in the market, check our other link:
  • W & H Instruments Promos! Find out more at
  • SS White Burs - Shop online:
  • Show Specials! Visit to shop online!
  • Laboratory burs from Jota with high performancce for any laboratory jobs from denture to porcelain, acrylic and zircon. The Jota diamond stone and zircon laboratory instrument are heatless, therefore you will not have any crack in your expensive porcelain ceramic or zircon job.
  • The New S-16 Powerful Surgical Handpiece for your surgical procedure and wisdom teeth extraction! Shop online:
  • Sable Canada Fiber Optic High Speed & Low Speed on Sale! Excellent quality and services, support your canadian manufacturers! Shop online:
  • My Quickmat Forte & Unica Introkit
  • WINNERS of our IG Live drom Day 1! Check our LIVE Sessions on instagram:

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We have diamond tip forceps and Onyx with the best grip and X Tool Interproximator with thin blades for atraumatic extraction. They will give you the best time and best delivery with your extraction procedure. Our composite instruments are non-sticky and long lasting and our scaler from Germany are light handle and also come with exchangeable tips. We have long lasting diamond and carbide burs, and high-quality surgical handpieces from W&H and regular handpieces by Sable Canada. We have the biggest selection of cassettes and organizers in the world, made in France, with lifetime warranty. Our uniforms are the most elegant and comfortable in the market, they are in both 100% cotton and polyester. Made in the world fashion country Italy. Last but not least, we sell quality, we sell original and we sell direct! We have specials for dental schools, students and new offices opening! Please contact our office for more details at 1877-337790. Shop online:

Blue & Green Inc Products demonstration

Blue & Green Inc Products demonstration - Since 1997.

Galaxy Cassette Made in France light weight ,last long, more space