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Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence with over 15 Trusted Brands and Growing!
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For 30 years, Bisco Canada has been a leader in restorative dentistry with high-performance adhesives, cements and composite materials. Today, we provide exceptional products from a variety of reputable manufacturers to help dentists and hygienists achieve superior clinical results. Our friendly, highly skilled technical support staff are always ready to help clinicians select the right products and guide them through techniques that are designed to solve common clinical challenges. Bisco Canada proudly distributes the following brands: Bisco, LM Dental, RTD, Garrison, SmileLine, AscentCare, ReInvent, Vista Apex, Sanctuary, Common Sense Dental, DiaShine, Phoenix Dental, Venta Endo and Force of Nature. 

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Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence!

Bisco Canada Product Overview. In addition to the downloadable documents below, to view our informational videos and download additional product-specific documents, please visit any of our Product Pages below.

RTD Fiber Posts & Cementation Guide

Double-Taper Light Post X-RO Illusion, Doube-Taper Light Post, Light Post

RDHU Decision Tree: Dental Hygiene Instrument Selection Guide

Provided by RDHU Inc., Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH.

Indirect Cementation Solutions: Cement Selection Guide

A guide for selecting cements and primers for the cementation of indirect restorations.

Garrison Dental: Complete 2021 Product Catalogue

Bisco Canada proudly distributes all Garrison products.

Article: Streamlining Instrumentation by Kathleen Bokrossy, RDH

Veneer Bonding & Cementation Protocols

Techniques for predictable, long-lasting veneers. Courtesy of Dr. Bob Margeas, DDS.

All-Bond Universal Brochure (Universal Dental Adhesive)

Compendium - "The ABC's of Bonding & Cementation"

Compendium - "Advancements in Restorative Dentistry"

Sales Flyer (Valid: April 1 - June, 30 2021)

Force of Nature: EPA Registered Disinfectant and Sanitizer

NEW! TheraBase™ Self-Adhesive Base/Liner

TheraCal LC® Light-Cured Resin-Modified Calcium Silicate Pulp Protectant/Liner

TheraCal PT® Dual-Cured Resin-Modified Calcium Silicate Pulpotomy Treatment

TheraCem® Self-Adhesive Resin Cement, with MDP


Bisco Canada / AscentCare Dental Products: HVE Isolation & Aerosol Management

VacuLux HVE Isolation System The VacuLUX HVE isolation system for better patient comfort, field and aerosol management. VacuLux mouthpieces are autoclavable and are universally compatible with Ascentcare’s VacuLUX adapters as well as Zyris Isolite or Dryshield systems.   VacuVue HVE Mirror VacuVue HVE Mirror reduces aerosols and spatter by 90% or more. The VacuVue mirror is construc...[more]


Bisco Canada / BISCO: Adhesives, Cements, Pulpal Protectants/Liners, Core Materials, Composites

Established in 1981, BISCO is an industry leader providing technically innovative aesthetic and restorative products to dental customers in the over 60 countries worldwide. BISCO strives to inspire better dentistry worldwide by developing best-in-class dental products, and educating and sharing their knowledge and research with the dental community. Bisco Canada is the exclusive distributor ...[more]


Bisco Canada / DiaShine: Lucida Polishing System for Composites & Ceramics

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FINISH. Whether you’re working with ceramics, resins, nano and hybrid materials or polishing chairside, the ideal diamond paste and tools are right here for you. Touted by professionals across the globe, DiaShine’s proprietary formula ensures less waste and superior results in minimal time. This is achieved through combining a unique carrier (binder) with speci...[more]


Bisco Canada / Garrison Dental Products: Sectional & Anterior Matrix Systems

Garrison Dental’s flagship product line, the Composi-Tight® Sectional Matrix System has grown to the number one product of its kind and is used in all seven continents around the world. Although Garrison Dental is recognized for their posterior sectional matrix systems, they are also the leading manufacturer of anterior matrix systems, matrix bands, wedges and polishing materials for com...[more]


Bisco Canada / NiTin Sectional Matrix System (By Garrison Dental & ReInvent)

Manufactured by Garrison Dental, the creators of the original composi-tight system, the NiTin Sectional Matrix System offers enhanced performance and value. NiTin rings are strong and resilient and outperform all higher-priced hard-face competitors' rings. The difference is Black and White Longer lasting for consistently tight contacts even after 100’s of uses Time-saving...[more]


Bisco Canada / RTD Dental - Endodontic Fiber Posts

RTD is a world leader in fiber post technology. All RTD posts are made with the same proprietary "pulltrusion" method, and then milled to demanding dimensional specification with robotic accuracy. The Illusion® (RTD patent) technology refers to the intrinsic colour-coding of the RTD fiber posts. The instrinsic colour disappears at body temperature but can be reconstituted in seconds if needed ...[more]


Bisco Canada / Sanctuary: Dental Dam Supplies

Sanctuary dental dams are powder-free, low protein, and have a higher tear resistance of any other dam. Sanctuary offers both latex and non-latex dental dams, as well as high-quality accessories. Bisco Canada is the exclusive distributor of Sanctuary products, in Canada. To view all Sanctuary Products, click here: Bisco Canada/Sanctuary...[more]


Bisco Canada / Smile Line: Unique Devices for Dentistry

Devices designed to help simplify procedures and make everyday dentistry better. Products that are designed with superior quality, unique style, and an exclusive feel - this is Smile Line. Bisco Canada is the exclusive distributor of Smile Line products, in Canada. To view all Smile Line products, click here: Bisco Canada/Smile Line...[more]


Bisco Canada / Vista Apex: Endodontic & Restorative Products

Vista Apex is a market leader in Endodontic and Restorative solutions. Vista Dental, having been a market leader in Endodontic Solutions was looking to apply their chemical and biomedical expertise to its restorative line. With the acquisition of Apex Dental Materials, an innovation powerhouse was formed. Together, the Vista Apex team has a passion for being a trusted partner who provides quality ...[more]


Bisco Canada / Live & On-Demand Webinars

Visit Bisco Canada to view all Live and On-Demand webinars for Dentists and Dental Hygienists.   At Bisco Canada, we are proud of our commitment to education and we are certain our customers appreciate the quality and scope of our knowledge as well as our sponsorship of various educational programs throughout Canada. We encourage you to visit our Continuing Education page to view the l...[more]